4 Letters for 4 years
It has been 4 years since I realized and studied graphic design. I had really hard times when the thought into my mind. That thougt was like this. 'What if I don't have any talent about this? What should I do?' So I started this project. This poster is made of my graphic design stuffs for 4 years. I didn't know there are so many works. They are mostly assignments and self initiated project. There isn't any commercial work. But before this negative thinking, I just want to celebrate my 4 year endeavor. Whatever professors and juries judged about my work, These stuffs are my graphic design. I still love design and they are precious memories for me. Making this posters(actually they are 4 posters at each letter.) I could think again about designing something for me. I assume there are many designers like me. Maybe they would have hard times just as me.But at the end of a year, I thougt sharing this experience would be a cheer for them. These posters are '4 Letters for 4 years'. Those four letters(鍊磨長養) mean 'polish up one's skills for a long time.' 
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